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Here are a few features that should help you learn and understand more

Complete tracking

Get all the details, all specifics, and more from one central hub. It can be a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet. It is up to you.

Plenty of details

Keeping the tabs on your workflow is loaded with details. Here you can keep track of dates, projects, teams, individuals and so much more.

Manage the team

You can manage multiple teams in real time with 100% accuracy at any given moment. Boost the success of your teams and increase their productivity without losing anything.

10 minutes tutorial

To master the platform and learn how to use it properly, you will need roughly 10 minutes, maybe even less. It is that simple yet so effective.

Watch the video

Watch the entire video and learn how the platform works. All major features and elements are covered.

Works with all software

The list of compatible software is extremely long and you can see the best examples below.